Little Red Languages at the Bett ShowAbout Us

We are Sheila Cartwright and Patricia Dempsey. We're based in beautiful Northumberland in the north east of England.

We create amazing animated stories, songs and poems in English, French, German and Spanish, specially designed to engage the imagination of young learners and develop a lifelong interest in language learning.

Our stories are narrated by lively native speakers and often feature noisy hidden creatures which pop out when discovered, while simple navigation buttons allow children to enjoy the stories independently.

A school subscription costs only £60 for 12 months and allows all teachers and pupils in a school to access all the resources on the website at school and at home - fantastic value!
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Je voudrais un tigre!What schools have said about us...

Carol Taylor Queen's Park CE/URC Primary School, St Helens

As a teacher of French throughout our Primary school and German in a Y6 lunchtime club I have found Little Red Languages to be an invaluable resource. Not only are the illustrations beautiful but the stories and activities are perfectly pitched for the KS2 language learner. It is great for the children to hear pronunciation modelled by native speakers. At our school we have linked 'Je Voudrais un Animal' to our Y4 animal topic and both the French and German versions of Little Red Riding Hood have been enjoyed. The interactivity of finding a hidden animal on some stories is always a definite hit! The Christmas advent features are worth the subscription alone and our pupils ask to do this when December comes. I would certainly recommend Little Red Languages to other MFL teachers.


Petit Chaperon Rouge at the signpostKate Tomkins Head of MFL, Gosforth Central Middle School, Newcastle upon Tyne

The website is engaging, fun and easy to use – for both staff and pupils! I have used it both in lessons as part of the curriculum and in ICT rooms as a tool which pupils can explore. I particularly like it as I feel it is great with both the more and less able. The more able can really get their teeth into the stories and have a chance to access the language in another setting. At the same time it is an engaging way for the less able to interact with the language within a setting they know, like the story of the gingerbread man.

Feedback from pupils has been very good. They really like the site, they say it’s easy to use and they like the graphics and animations. They find the stories appealing especially the ones they know like the fairy tales. Year 7 love Little Red Riding Hood where you can change the ending and the Christmas wish list as it is interactive. Year 5 say the stories are fun and they enjoy being able to use the site independently.

I would like to see more stories which could be tied into the curriculum. For me the best one was “Quiero una Mascota” as I used it in conjunction with the topic of pets and it really expanded the pupils' animal vocabulary.


Gingerbread man fallingSophie Hall, The Wickford Church of England School

The children at our school have loved the stories on Little Red Languages and are always asking if they can use it during their Spanish lessons or Golden time. As they are such familiar stories all the children have been able to follow and engage with the stories in Spanish at some level. Teachers have used the stories as whole class activities and because they are so child friendly we have been able to set up a table with laptops where the children can independently access the stories and activities.

Primary School, Hertfordshire

The children love the stories and spotting the little details (a snail, the wolf hiding, etc...) The different voices used encourage the children to repeat words and remember them. Repetition of phrases is also good as after hearing them a few times, they start saying them with the characters. In the past two years, we have also tried to use some of the words learnt to write our own stories. The children have really enjoyed it.

Your website also means that non-specialists can play stories in French without worrying about their accent while allowing the children to work on sentences rather than single words.