'Noël Arrive' Advent Calendar 

Make a snowman?A lovely animated Christmas story which tells the tale of what happens when some unexpected visitors arrive to help Santa and Mrs Claus prepare for the big day!

The story focuses on the wayward grandchildren and their progress through the tasks which they are set each day via a note on the fridge.

Language is presented in small, manageable chunks and the animation supports understanding, allowing language learners an opportunity to develop their understanding of language patterns, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Simple controls allow the narration to be paused and replayed as many times as necessary - ideal for independent practice of speaking and listening skills.

The story is also available in English, German and Spanish.

Read the French version here

Souhaits pour Noël

Lolly and Larkin'Christmas Wishes' is our second Advent Calendar story featuring Santa's grandchildren, Lolly and Larkin.

Find out what happens when they set off on an amazing adventure with Plume Blanche, the snow goose.

Mrs Christmas gives the children a list of 12 animals and sets them the task of finding out what they would like for Christmas, with surprising results!

Read the story here

Video version of Bonhomme de Pain d'Epice

Specially recorded for National Storytelling week - enjoy listening to Christophe telling you the story!

Watch the video here!

Gingerbread man on the fox's noseLe Bonhomme de Pain d'Épice

A beautifully illustrated animated version, narrated by a lively native French speaker.

The story is suitable for young learners of French at Key Stage 2 and is supported by a range of linked resources including printable books, puppet and mask templates, interactive whiteboard resources and an image bank.

A series of 14 lesson plans based on a Thinking Skills approach to language learning also complement the resource.

Also available in English and Spanish.

View the story and resources

Freedom - La Liberté
swallow flying

A poem with simple images of Freedom as seen through the eyes of a child - ideal to use as a framework for pupils to write their own poem. Available in English, French, German and Spanish.

Enjoy the poem here

Change - Le Changement

The theme for National Poetry Day 2018 was Poetry for a Change 

National Poetry Day 2018

We took the inspiration for our poem from the return to school after the long summer break - definitely a time of many changes!

The pressure on parents and students to buy new school materials seems to increase each year and we wanted to show that it really isn't necessary...

The poem is also available in EnglishGerman and Spanish.

You can also enjoy last year's simple French poem for National Poetry Day - La Liberté

Enjoy the poem here

Charles le ChienTête, épaules, genoux, pieds

Enjoy singing and joining in with this simple action rhyme in French.

Caro le CochonChoose Caro le Cochon or Charles le Chien to help you with the words and actions.

Also in English and Spanish.

Enjoy the song here

Le Navet GéantGrandfather plants some turnip seeds

A lively adaptation of the traditional tale written by Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy 107 years ago!

The repetitive nature of the story makes it a great one for joining in, acting out - and maybe even having a bit of a jig along to the music!

The text is highlighted as it's read and simple navigation controls allow the user to pause the soundtrack and hide the text at any point in the story.

Also available in BulgarianEnglish, German and Spanish

Read the story here!

Little Red at the signpostPetit Chaperon RougeEl lobo

A funny reworking of the traditional tale of Little Red Riding Hood in French, complete with a choice of three endings.

Simple navigation controls allow the narration to be paused and replayed, and the text is highlighted as it is read.

Printable books, flashcards, a play script and puppet templates accompany the story, which is also available in EnglishGerman and Spanish.

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Je Voudrais un AnimalBoy and tiger

A lively story about a boy who really really wants a pet.... It's also a great way to practise sentence structure, asking questions, expressing preferences ....as well as looking at gender, adjectives and adjectival agreement - and it's fun!

A range of additional resources accompany the story, including printable books, flashcards, word mats and Smart Notebook activities.

View the story and resources

Pique-niquons! pique-niquons

Enjoy this simple, relaxing story about a picnic which gradually unfolds as vocabulary is introduced item by item to a musical accompaniment!

The story is about a picnic, but as it’s a very posh one with full table settings (including napkins!) it’s equally suitable for use in café or restaurant topics or daily routines.

View the story and resources here

L'Incroyable Histoire de Jacques et des Haricots Magiques

Jacques et les Haricots MagiquesAdventurous young Jacques stars in a traditional tale with a twist in this fully animated, engaging story for young learners of French.

A full range of teaching resources accompany the story, which is also available in English and Spanish.

View the story and resources here

Les Quatre Musiciens
de Brême

robbers run

A funny and imaginative adaptation of the folktale recorded by the Brothers Grimm.

The story is suitable for older students of French and is accompanied by a printable A4 book and character masks.

Also available in English.

View the story and resources


Antonio va à l'école à moto....
Jules et Luce vont à l'école en autobus...!

Have fun practising the sounds of French with these two simple poems, complete with printables and Smart Notebook resources.

View the poems and resources

La Chasse aux Oeufs

chick hatching

Join Lolly and Larkin in their search to find the 9 eggs hidden by the Easter bunny!

A simple animated story for Easter featuring scenes from some of our favourite stories - and secret clues to help if you get stuck...!

Also in English and Spanish.

Read the story here