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If you enjoyed the unique language learning resources produced by Northumberland Grid for Learning, you'll love what you find here! 

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Can you practise a question and answer ten times without getting bored?
Try these stories in French and Spanish!

Je voudrais un animalJe Voudrais un Animal

A lively French story about a boy who desperately wants a pet and won't stop asking and asking until he gets one!

To help you make the most of the story, there are teacher notes with suggestions for use in class, printable books, flashcards, playing cards, word mats and a range of Smart Notebook activities with sound.

Read the story here...

Quiero una Mascota Quiero una mascota

The story is also available in Spanish and it's a great way to practise sentence structure, asking questions, expressing preferences well as looking at gender, adjectives and adjectival agreement ...
- and it's fun!

Can you guess what the perfect pet will be?

Read the Spanish story