Little Red at the signpost A funny version of the traditional tale, complete with a choice of three endings.

The text is highlighted as it is read and the video controls allow the narration to be paused and replayed.Wolf with cakes

The story is also available in French, German and Spanish.

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Puppet Templates

A set of 30 individual puppets arranged over 13 pages! Print out, laminate or stick onto card, then cut around the thick black lines. Finish off by fastening a strip of strong card or a lolly stick to the back.

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Puppet Gallery

Why not make your own stick puppets using our set of printable templates and have fun acting out the story with your friends! You could use the dialogue from the Pupil Book to help you with a script for your puppet show.

And here are some we made earlier...!
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Little Red lived with her parents at the edge of a big forest.

Pupil Book

7 page book with full text and simple graphics for classroom printing.
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Puppet Scenes

Set the scene for your puppet show with this set of 3 A4 background scenes. Download and print out in colour or black and white to colour yourself!
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A4 Printable book

Full colour 23 page book with images and text as shown in the animated story. Click to preview or subscribe to download and print the full version.


A set of 12 character flashcards - print 4 to a page. Click to preview or download.