I Want a Pet

A lively story about a boy who really really wants a pet.... It's also a great way to practise sentence structure in English, asking questions, expressing preferences .... and it's fun!

Simple, child friendly controls make the story easy to navigate and there's an option to pause the story at any time to allow for reflection and questioning.

Rainforest frog Don't forget to look out for the little frog hiding in each scene!

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The story is also available in French and Spanish.

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Thank you!

boy with parrotA big thank you to Year 6 pupils and staff at Queen's Park CE/URC Primary School, St Helen's. They made a brilliant job of recording the story for us - have a listen and see what you think!

Printable A4 book

Full colour 26 page book with images and text as shown in the animated story. Click to preview or subscribe to download and print the full version.

Playing cards

Set of 22 playing cards for pairs or snap.

Printable Pupil Book/Cards

13 page book with full text and simplified graphics for classroom printing. Great for use in pair work as prompt cards for dialogue practice. Click to preview.

Flashcard Set 1

A set of 12 flashcards featuring all the animals which appear in the animated story. Click to preview.

Word Mat 1

All the animals in the story - use as a reference in individual or pair work.

Flashcard Set 2

9 additional flashcards with more traditional pets! Click to preview.

Word Mat 2

A word mat with more traditional pets!