Santa¿Dónde está Santa?

It's nearly Christmas,
but Santa can't be found anywhere!

Lolly with mobileJoin Santa's grandchildren, Lolly and Larkin, in another Christmas adventure as they set out on a quest to search the house for him.

The story is perfect for learning and practising the names of all the rooms!

Larkin with mobileThere are also 8 missing puppies to find and identify - and then it's time for Christmas preparations...!

The story is also available in English, French and German .

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GnomeCan you find the noisy gnome hiding in each scene?Gnome

Click to make him
pop up!

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Mrs ChristmasThe first 11 scenes of the story are available to preview...

... there are 18 more scenes to enjoy!

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Printable Book

8 page book with simple illustrations and the full text of the story. Click to preview, login or subscribe to download and print.

Playing Cards

A set of 32 cards with text and pictures showing the characters and the rooms in the story. Great for matching or memory games and for creating simple dialogues. Click to preview, login or subscribe to download and print.

The eight puppies!