Le Bonhomme de Pain d'ÉpiceLe Bonhomme de Pain d'Épice

Specially recorded for National Storytelling week - enjoy listening to Christophe telling you the story!

It's the same as the animated version - but obviously without the picture, text and animation clues to aid understanding.

The video could be used on its own as a listening activity for more confident learners or as a follow on to the animated version.

If you are unable to view the video full screen, click on the YouTube link.

La vielle dameResources and suggestions for use

Learners could be encouraged to participate and demonstrate their understanding of the story by holding up the character and location cards every time they hear them in the video. They could work in pairs on the word mats, pointing out the characters or actions in the baking sequence as they are mentioned.

Puppets and masks could also be used in this way - see animation page for downloads.

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Character Word Mat

All of the characters in the story on a single page. Use as a reference in individual or pair work.

Character cards

Set of 8 playing cards showing the characters in the story. Click to preview.

Location cards

Printable playing cards showing the story settings. Click to preview.

Baking Word Mat

Showing the 6 actions in the baking sequence. Click to preview.

French pupil bookGingerbread masks Don't miss the animated version of the story with printable books, masks, puppets, Smart Notebook files and image banks.

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