A funny and extremely imaginative adaptation of the folktale recorded by the Brothers Grimm.

Suitable for older students of French, this tale of four animals who triumph over adversity is narrated with enthusiasm and panache by a native French speaker.

ChienIt's written in a play format but can also be read as a story and is accompanied by a printable A4 book and a set of character masks.

Also available in English.

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Character masks to print out and wear!
Click the cat to preview - opens full size in a new window ready to print or save.

Mask Gallery

Make your own masks using our set of printable templates and act out the story. Click below to view (photos taken before we had time to attach the headbands!)

Le Chat

Printable A4 book

Full colour 35 page book with images and text as shown in the animated story. Click to preview or subscribe to download and print the full version.