Dyádo i Ryapa

Grandfather and the Turnip We're delighted to present a Bulgarian version of The Enormous Turnip, thanks to Boyan Maga school!

The story is written using the Cyrillic alphabet.

The title looks like this:
Dyádo i Ryapa
It means Grandfather and the Turnip and sounds like Dyádo i Ryapa. If you don't speak Bulgarian, it's fun to listen to the story and try and work out some of the words and letters. Have you worked out what a letter D looks like in Cyrillic script yet?

mouse Don't forget to look out for the mouse hiding in each page!

Also in EnglishFrench, German and Spanish.

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The complete story is now free!

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Character masks to print out and wear when acting out the story!
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Puppet Templates

A set of 25 individual puppets arranged over 10 pages. Print out, laminate or stick onto card, then cut around the thick black lines. Finish off by fastening a strip of strong card or a lolly stick to the back.

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Puppet Gallery

Make your own stick puppets using our set of printable templates and have fun acting out the story with your friends!

You could use the dialogue from the Story Book or Story Cards to help with a script for your puppet show.

Here are some we made earlier...
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Story Cards

The complete story in 5 pages with simple graphics. Cards can be cut up and used for sequencing activities or as prompts for role play.

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Story Book

Five page story book with full text and simple graphics for classroom printing.
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Smart Notebook Gallery Collection

Smart Notebook Gallery The collection consists of almost 60 images from the story - backgrounds, characters and titles to help you create your own resources and activities.

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