Change - El Cambio

The theme for National Poetry Day 2018 was Poetry for a Change 

National Poetry Day 2018

We took the inspiration for our poem from the return to school after the long summer break - definitely a time of many changes!

The pressure on parents and students to buy new school materials seems to increase each year and we wanted to show that it really isn't necessary...

The poem is also available in EnglishFrench and German.

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Suggestions for use in class

Play the title page and first two scenes and ask pupils what they think the poem is about. Can they recognise any words from prior learning or spot any cognates that might help understanding?

Scenes 3 and 4 introduce the pencil case and contents. Try turning off the text using the T button on each page before you play the scene so that the focus is on listening skills. Can the pupils recognise any of the vocabulary? Can they repeat any of the words or phrases? Replay the scenes with the text -  use the pause button and ask pupils to supply the next word or phrase.

The What's Missing activity could be cut up into 8 sections for pupils to try in pairs, then a larger group could work together to check the answers using the Comparing Languages sheet.

Could they recite the whole poem with expression? The last scene has the text of the whole poem with each verse highlighted as it’s read – turn down the sound and let the pupils supply the narration!

The 3 sets of Playing Cards can be used for memory and matching games to practise the classroom items vocabulary with Necesito...

Poema para un Cambio

An A4 printable version of the poem.
Click image to preview first page.
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What's Missing?

Can you find the missing words and phrases in the poem?
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Comparing Languages

Check your missing words answers on this sheet, then try finding the words and phrases in a different language - EnglishFrench, or German. What similarities and differences can you spot?

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Word Mat

All the school items mentioned in the poem - use as a reference in individual or pair work.
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Playing Cards 1

A set of 14 playing cards with images and text from the poem, plus a couple of spares to add your own items.
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Playing Cards 2

Set of playing cards with images only.

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Playing Cards 3

Set of playing cards with text only.
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