The theme for National Poetry Day 2017 was Freedom! We celebrated the event with our own poem depicting simple images of Freedom as seen through the eyes of a child.

The poem is available in English, French, German and Spanish.

Try it as a springboard for children to write their own poem in the language of their choice!

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National Poetry Day 2018

This year's theme was Change.
Don't miss our new poem and printable resources - available in English, French, German and Spanish.

National Poetry Day 2018

Libertad introSuggestions for use in class

Explain that you're going to be looking at a poem about freedom - Libertad.

Ask the children to close their eyes.
What picture comes into their head when they hear the word freedom?

Where are they when they feel free? What are they doing? What can they hear?

Play the poem in the language of your choice:
English, French, German or Spanish.
It can be used equally for literacy or for foreign language learning.
It's also fun to listen to in a language you don't know at all!

Simple navigation buttons on each page allow the user to pause and replay the scene. You can also remove the text to focus on listening skills without the distraction of the text.

The poem follows a very simple object/ place.....
The two cloze activities below can help focus attention on individual words and spelling patterns. Click to preview or login to download.


dragonflyWhat are the children's favourite lines or words in the poem in each of the languages?

How about dragonfly... golondrina... sommerhimmel... cerf-volant...?

Children could write their own lines to add to the poem, or improve an existing line simply by adding adjectives.


A printable version of the poem.
Click to preview or login to download.

Missing Words - 1

Can you find the names of these objects and animals in the poem?

Missing Words - 2

A bit trickier! Find the words for the places and the objects or animals.

National Poetry Day 2018Looking for more poetry?

You might enjoy Poema para un cambio - the poem written for National Poetry Day about the return to school after the long summer break - definitely a time of many changes!

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