Souhaits pour Noël

Lolly and Larkin'Christmas Wishes' is our second Advent Calendar story featuring Santa's grandchildren, Lolly and Larkin and their amazing adventure around the world with Plume Blanche, the snow goose.

The language focus is on different ways of asking what someone would like for Christmas, along with the names of animals, toys and Christmas gifts.

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The story is also available in English, German and Spanish.

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Printable resources - suggestions for use

Children work in pairs or small groups with a shared Word Mat.
Child A has a set of animal cards and a set of toy cards.

The cards can be pictures and text, pictures only, text only or a mixture of all 3 versions.
They could even be a mixture of languages! Each version is available to download separately.

Child A turns over a card from the pile to reveal an animal. Child B greets appropriately, 'Bonjour éléphant', 'Bonjour petit singe', 'Bonjour pingouins...' and chooses phrase from Word Mat to ask about choice of present -'Qu'est-ce que tu voudrais...?' 'Qu'est-ce que vous voudriez..?'

Child A then turns over a card from a separate pile to reveal a toy or present and chooses a phrase to express preference - 'Je voudrais', 'J'adorerai', 'Nous voudrions....' etc

The pair or group could then write a simple script and act out the dialogue.
The cards are also suitable for matching and memory games.

Word Mat

A range of questions and replies from the story to use as a reference in dialogue and written work.

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Playing Cards - Animals 1

A set of 16 playing cards with text and pictures from the story. 
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Playing Cards - Animals 2

Set of 16 playing cards with images only.
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Playing Cards - Animals 3

Cards with text only.
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Playing Cards - Toys 3

Set of 12 playing cards with text only.

Playing Cards - Toys 2

Set of 12 playing cards with images only.

Playing Cards - Toys 1

A set of 12 toys and presents from the story, with blanks to add your own!

Smart Notebook Gallery Collection

Smart Notebook Gallery The collection consists of over 70 images from the story - backgrounds, characters, animals and toys to help you create your own resources and activities.

A sample of images can be previewed - subscribe to download all 78 images.

If you have Smart Notebook installed on your computer, when you download and click on the Image Gallery file below and choose 'Open', Smart Notebook will open and a Christmas Wishes folder will be created in the 'My Content' folder in your Gallery.

Smart collection iconThe folder will be saved in your Gallery unless you choose to delete it.

If you have problems downloading the Smart Notebook gallery file on your computer, try the zipped version instead.

If you don't have a Smartboard, or want to use the images in other programs such as Word or PowerPoint, you can also download the images as a single zipped file.