Easter Egg Hunt

egg with chickA simple animated story for Easter featuring scenes from some of our favourite stories.

Join Lolly and Larkin in their search to find the 9 eggs hidden by the Easter bunny!

secret clueThere's always a secret clue to help if you get stuck - just click on the Easter bunny button at the bottom of each page to listen to the clue.

Also available in French, German and Spanish.

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Video version - enable Flash player for full interactivity. Best viewed full screen.

Dictionary work

For children whose first language is not English. A list of secret clues with solutions on the second page - could be cut into strips and used before or after listening to the story.

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Playing Cards 2

Set of 8 playing cards for pairs or snap.

Playing Cards 1

A set of 9 playing cards with extra spaces for drawing and labelling your own eggs!

Prepositions Word Mat

Use as a reference to describe the location of the hidden eggs!
Click to preview or download.

Egg Colours Word Mat

All the coloured eggs hidden in the story - use as a reference in individual or pair work. Click to preview or download.

Easter rabbitWhy not try to solve the clues in another language...

Chick hatching

... it's also available in French, German and Spanish!
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